How to find ARV using the REI/kit ARV Calculator

If you want to invest in distressed real estate in another city or state, how can you determine what a property’s ARV (after repair value) is? The remote flipper faces some challenges in finding and evaluating properties. However, as we explained in this post on how to find comps with Redfin, a solid technical toolbox… Read More »

How to find comps using Redfin

Real estate investors who flip remotely – that is, in another city or state – often have challenges in developing a deep knowledge of the market. This is where a strong technical toolkit can work to their advantage and level the playing field. In this post, we’ll walk through how to use the website… Read More »

Quick and dirty guide to running comps on Zillow

Comps are properties close to a potential flip that are similar to the flip using a specific set of criteria. Due to distance, it can be difficult for the remote investor to evaluate comparables. A savvy technical toolbox can help to level the playing field when evaluating “the lay of the land.” Additionally, solid data… Read More »

Five elements of good real estate comps

Finding comps — that is, properties with similar characteristics that have recently sold in the same area — is a crucial first step in evaluating a flip. This is especially true when a property that you consider an ideal flip is located in a city or state that you are not familiar with. In such… Read More »

Four ways to find comps if you invest remotely

You have found a property that has the potential to be an easy flip, but it’s in a different state. How can you determine it’s market value? In this line of business, the cardinal rule is that you shouldn’t let anyone else tell you what a property is worth. It’s a great advantage for you… Read More »