Remote Fix and Flip is a real-estate investment education blog devoted to helping remote fix and flip investors succeed.  As real-estate investors, we want our investments to provide us with the ability to live the dream, travel, and enjoy time with our families.  That means that as an investors, we need the knowledge, tools and processes in place to be able to run our businesses from anywhere, and to be able to invest anywhere.

We are active remote investors with fix and flip projects across the country.  We have made many mistakes along the way, about which you can read in this blog, and you can learn how we have mitigated those risks in future deals by systemizing our processes, and by putting in place the tools and processes that allow us to work smarter not harder, and keep more money in our pockets.

A huge component of our success are the tools that enable us to be comfortable investing remotely.  Although this applies whether you are investing in the same town, or across the country, remote investment, even more so, requires a significant amount of collaboration and communication with one’s team.  As we build out the business and outgrow sending spreadsheets over email, we are also building out our toolset specifically around collaborating with our team.  When we are happy with how the tools that we have built have significantly improved our business, then we will release them for you to be able to take advantage of.  We are setting the bar high before we release anything that we do, and it will need to meet the following 2 criteria:

  1. Do we need this tool to run our business?
  2. Is it saving us time, saving us money, or making us money?

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